About the Founder

About the Founder

Ayush Vardhan Khanna

Ayush Vardhan Khanna is a Grade 12 student at Step By Step School, Noida. As part of the IB curriculum, Ayushvardhan is studying Biology, Chemistry and Economics at the Higher Level and English, Spanish and Math AA at the Standard Level.

He expanded his interest in Chemistry and Biology through internships in the field of civic, industrial and rural drinking water purification. He followed up his internship experiences to write several articles about the water crisis, one of which was published in the International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research. The Litermeter website is another channel for Ayush to contribute toward awareness about the water crisis and water conservation, especially in Urban India.

Ayush aspires to contribute towards environmental sustainability, human health, and food security through the medium of science and technology.  Through research and internships, he has been exposed to biochemistry and biotechnology and aspires to study these subjects at University.

Ayush would like to thank Kandarp Shivpuri and the CII Triveni Water Institute for the data provided which was used in creating the water usage and saving algorithms.

Ayush would like to thank Ashish Porwal and the team at Unyscape for creating a dynamic, user-friendly and vivid user-interface for all Litermeter users.